Additional or Special Needs.

I often hear others refer to my son and children with similar issues as

“the little fella with the special needs”.

I feel I’m one of the lucky ones as my son needs

  • No special equipment to aid him physically.
  • No special medication or medical equipment to keep him alive or healthy.
  • No special car/transport requirement.

You get the drift….His needs are not special but rather additional.  He needs

  • Additional time to process busy or new environments or information.
  • Additional space to stim and control his body movements.
  • More acceptance from others when he is not coping well.
  • Extra energy and patience from his parents and sibling after a hard day conforming to the outside world.

Mostly, he needs additional LOVE in life to balance it all out.

Yes, he is very very special to me but his day to day needs are not special just additional.  

Finally, additional or special needs it can still be a struggle. Parents dealing with special or exceptional needs really have their work cut out for them. I have enormous admiration and compassion for their journey.


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