Expectations Of Self And Others In Our Lives.

Expectations of self and others in our life………………..just a thought How much did you know and understand about living with additional or special needs before it became part of your life? For me, I certainly wasn’t expecting it.   Lesson one; stop expecting others to understand the difficulties you face in your life.   It’s simple […]

Have to Vs Want to.

Simply put, you don’t.     HAVE TO  do anything in this life except breath. Yes, of course, there are consequences if we don’t take care of certain responsibilities like paying bills or feeding our families. But overall a lot of what we do is because of we                    WANT TO. By simply saying we want to […]

Additional or Special Needs.

I often hear others refer to my son and children with similar issues as “the little fella with the special needs”. I feel I’m one of the lucky ones as my son needs No special equipment to aid him physically. No special medication or medical equipment to keep him alive or healthy. No special car/transport […]

A Dog Is Not Just For Christmas.

Oh, they said to get a dog, its great for kids with autism. It will be his friend.  It will help him speak. It will help with his behaviour. It will calm him down.  Get a dog you won’t know yourselves. It will teach him empathy. And yes for some it is the answer and […]

We Are All Living Somebody Else’s Dream.

I remember when I first heard this phrase thinking well I must be stuck in Nightmare on Elm Street so.  We were busy rearing 4 children, holding down jobs, trying to have a life, and my son’s autistic behaviours were causing absolute havoc. It was difficult to imagine anyone wanting to swap lives with me. […]