Expectations Of Self And Others In Our Lives.

Expectations of self and others in our life………………..just a thought

How much did you know and understand about living with additional or special needs before it became part of your life? For me, I certainly wasn’t expecting it.


Lesson one; stop expecting others to understand the difficulties you face in your life.   It’s simple they don’t.


It’s not that people don’t care but how can we expect another to understand a situation if they have had no actual life experience of it.  Yes, there are some among us that are born with the ability to understand, empathise and show huge compassion in life without the need to have travelled the same path….but they are few. Yet I have found myself expecting others to understand a situation or behaviour that I can hardly understand nor cope with myself as a parent at times.


Lesson two; stop expecting ourselves to have all the answers or even some.  

We don’t. We have never done this before either.  

Our children watch us struggle with our expectations, achievements and disappointments all the time. Whether its expecting privacy, passing an exam or burning a lovely dinner.  They are learning directly from us rather than the less direct and complicated outside world. It is us who will give them their first and long-lasting lessons of compassion, understanding and empathy in this world.


When our expectations of ourselves and others become more practical and reasonable we become less disappointed less often.   Rather the efforts of ourselves and others to understand and support should be admired and commended.


Makes for a better way of being I think………… its just a thought…..what are your thoughts?

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