We Are All Living Somebody Else’s Dream.

I remember when I first heard this phrase thinking well I must be stuck in

Nightmare on Elm Street so.  We were busy rearing 4 children, holding down jobs, trying to have a life, and my son’s autistic behaviours were causing absolute havoc.

It was difficult to imagine anyone wanting to swap lives with me.  


But the more I thought about it the more it resonated with me.

On a basic level, we had a home, food, electricity, running water, medical care etc.

So yes we were doing better by 80% than the rest of the world.

We were living their dream….and on top of that, we had access to education, jobs, transport, family, friends. I want to add holidays and a social life but that wasn’t really an option then.  But as we usually compare ourselves to what’s in our day to day world, I still had a way to go to get this idea to stick. Soi began to think…….

  • Of people who couldn’t have children that would do anything to have a child, special needs or not.
  • Of those facing terminal illness themselves or of a child or family member.
  • Of those that have been abused, battered, betrayed, and beaten down by life.
  • Of people who struggle with debilitating illnesses such as depression, alcoholism.
  • Of the people who are truly alone in this world for whatever reason.

The stress of dealing with autism had blurred my perspective. I was ungrateful for my life and felt I had been targeted by some great injustice.  Now I realise and try to remember WE ARE ALL LIVING SOMEBODY ELSE DREAM


So if I am having a difficult time and my son is having a meltdown in public.  

And of course, I will meet someone I really don’t want to at that very moment.

And they ask how I am… I try to calmly reply “JUST LIVING THE DREAM” lol.

what do you think…are you living somebody else dream or nightmare??


Just a little story………

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